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Class 12






Organic Chemistry: Some Basic Principle And Techniques


Statement-1: CH_(3)-O-CH_(2) i...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : D

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hello to 10th question is statement one that is CH3 CH3 is more stable than the compound that is nitromethane it will be CH3 treatment to is this is an antiaromatic molecule and statement 3 is phenoxide is more stable than its oxide this question we are given three statements we have to find out adding that correct or not surface treatment is given that this compound is more stable than this this compound it is an Ether Kristin M molecule and this compound it is nitromethane

nitromethane so in this the nitrogen is having four quantities having positive charge and oxygen is having negative charge for this negative charge this is the localised this oxygen atom but is nitrogen having positive charge this is somewhat until vehicle positive charge on more electronegative atom that is unstable Al Ain it is an electronegative atom to positive charge on electronegative atom is unstable but this compound this is more stable than this compound it is not having any charge for neutral species they are always more stable as compared to the charge ones of this is more stable given the correct it ETA compound is more stable than this nitromethane this is correct second one is this molecule is

given antiaromatic we will draw this it as compound this positive charges on Discovery atom and negative chart now if we see here in this compound it is having address of Kanti the localised over here also its mean this Pi electron system Dixit the localised electrons system Deluxe localised electron system is there and if you see there are 2 2

2 4 6 8 and 10 10 electric because is negative charges included in this suit is 10 file system that it belongs to 4 and + 2 it belongs to 4 and + 2 system and orange plus two system having 10 file electrons that is and it is d localised at is also a planar system so it is an aromatic molecule because for aromaticity 4 and + 2 system the localisation and planet is required for this molecule it is having 10 Pi electron 210 Pi electrons means and values 24 into 28 + 210 this means it is aromatic system to this statement is given for third one is phenoxide is more stable than its oxide of iron oxide is when phenol

loses pH positive it becomes thin oxide and its oxide is CH3 ch2 O negative and ethanol molecule it loses a Proton so this is T phenoxide and enrich it oxide now this negative charge in case of phenoxide it is stabilized by the resonance phenoxide ion is stabilized by resonance resonance stabilization is there but in case of oxide this alkyl group due to the effect it will destabilize this the plastic effect of alkyl group destabilized

if it will it Beat It lies it means that phenoxide ion that will be more stable in that disability order will be phenoxide ion is more stable which is the resonance stabilization is there are resonating structures of the screen of that and that will be localised negative charge with electron but in case of oxide ion detective charge it becomes destabilize Wendy due to this effect of the alkaline this is also correct statement for answer will be true false in auction De suit is the correct answer true false I hope you understood it thank you

Click here to get PDF DOWNLOAD for all questions and answers of this chapter - AAKASH INSTITUTE ENGLISH Class 12 ORGANIC CHEMISTRY: SOME BASIC PRINCIPLE AND TECHNIQUES

Click here to get PDF DOWNLOAD for all questions and answers of this Book - AAKASH INSTITUTE ENGLISH Class 12 CHEMISTRY

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