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Class 12






Haloalkanes And Haloarenes


STATEMENT 1 : CH_(3) -O - CH_...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : B

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hello everyone let's start the question the question is a statement based questions here we have been given two statements and we have to find out whether statement one is correct or statement is correct or whether statement to is correct explanation of statement one so the statement one says that CH3 ch2 ch2 BR is hydrolysed more readily than CH3 Ch CH3 and this is basically a secondary hello alkane statement to save that secondary halides are more reactive than primary halides towards hydrolysis write a look at the very first statement we are going to start with the first statement here we have been given compound which this CH3 ch2 BR and we have been given its hydrolysis reaction write it has been given that it hydrolyzes more readily than this one

so let me ride on this is your hydrolysis reaction now we know that this is what this is a primary hello alkane now we have an oxygen also here's this means it is a hello Ether so this is what this is primary in nature because the bromine which is Bromide and here is directly linked to only one carbon so this is primary in nature when it will undergo hydrolysis reaction we will have a nucleophile hair which is over ah negative which will replace the Bromide and from here and it will for men which group will get attached there's a and alcohol will be formed in this reaction right now if you look at the other compound which is given to us here is ch3ch ch3cl and it also undergoes hydrolysis reaction but the difference here is that excess chlorine here is attached to the

Karbonn that is the primary group where is chlorine and it is attached to that carbon which is for the attached to two carbon to this means what this means it is a secondary hello alkane and we know that secondary hello alkane when they undergo a nucleophilic substitution reaction because here the nucleophile being negative which is a weak nucleophile alright to when it undergoes nucleophilic reaction it will follow which mechanism it will follow SN1 mechanism right and here since this compound is primary in nature Right Fit will follow which mechanism it will follow SN2 mechanism and this one will follow SN1 mechanism because of that in SN1 mechanism always a carbon cation is formed so what can be cut and hair will be formed the kaboka time here will be formed will be CH3 ch2

three plus right because in SN1 reaction forcely halogen gets removed from here and the carbon gets a positive charge for Karbonn cut and is formed and we see here a secondary Karbonn ka time is formed which is much more stable than the primary carbon but I inform their right to this is the primary carbon ka time formed in the above reaction and why it is not stable because of the oxygen oxygen which is directly linked to its this Oxygen will donate the electrons to this carbon atom and will reduce its row click tendency that is it will make the car but I'm less electrophilic in nature does when a new profile will come it will prefer to attack a secondary kaboka time in comparison to a primary kaboka time and that means hear this statement one is incorrect because it says that

O ch2 BR is hydrolysed more readily than the CH3 ch2 CL compounds of this statement is false statement to say that secondary halides right now this statement one is false coming to statement to now secondary halides write this is a secondary halide a more reactive than primary alkyl halides which is the first one towards hydrolysis is correct as age is explained here in the question itself that secondary halides all secondary halide because the form secondary Karbonn cation are always much more reactive than the primary alkyl halides so this statement to hair is correct statement one is following statement is correct which is your answer to the question thank you

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