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P-block Group 16 Elements - The Oxygen Family


State with balanced equation w...

State with balanced equation what happens when ? <br> (a) Potassium ferrocyanide is heated with `conc. H_2 SO_4`. <br> (b) A mixture of potassium chlorate, oxalic acid and sulphuric acid is heated. <br> (c) Sodium chlorate reacts with sulphur dioxide. <br> (d) Chlorine gas is passed into water saturated with hydorgen sulphide. <br> (e) Hydrogen sulphide is passed through sodium bisulphite solution.

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution

Solution : (a) `CO` is evolved. <br> `K_4 Fe(CN)_6 6H_2 SO_4 + 6H_2 O overset (Delta)rarr` <br> `2K_2SO_4 + FeSO_4 + 3(NH_4)_2 SO_4 + 6 CO uarr`. <br> (b) Potassium chlorate is reduced while oxalic acid is oxidised. <br> `{:(KClO_(3)+H_(2)SO_(4) rarr KHSO_(4)+HCl +3[O]),(3H_(2)C_(2)O_(4)+3[O] rarr 6CO_(2)+3H_(2)O),(ulbar(KClO_(3)+3H_(2)C_(2)O_(4)+H_(2)SO_(4) rarr KHSO_(4)+HCl+6CO_(2)+3H_(2)O)):}` <br> (c) `NaClO_3` is reduced to `NaCl` <br> `{:(SO_(2)+2H_(2)O rarr H_(2)SO_(4)+2 [H]xx 3),(NaClO_(3)+6 [H] rarr NaCl+3H_(2)O),(ulbar(NaClO_(3) +3SO_(2)+3H_(2)O rarr 3H_(2)SO_(4)+NaCl)):}` <br> (d) `Cl_2 + H_2 S rarr 2HCl + S`. <br> (e) `{:(2NaHSO_(3) rarr NaSO_(3) +H_(2)O +SO_(2)),(SO_(2)+2H_(2)S rarr 2H_(2)O+ 3S),(ulbar(2 NaHSO_(3) +2H_(2)S rarr NaSO_(3) +3S +3H_(2)O)):}`.


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Tata question question papers with balance equation what happens when it is heated with concentrated H2 S o4 ki 482 what we get is K 2 S o4 + feso4 + NH 44 + carbon dioxide gas X ^ I need is heated with concentrated H2 s o4

carbon dioxide gases liberated when a mixture of potassium chlorate kclo3 T24 and sulfuric acid H2 S o4 when they are heated what we get a real O2 + K + H2 + O2 gas to help him

carbon dioxide gas next is sodium chloride reacts with Sulphur Dioxide sodium chloride any clo3d Exide to any 2 S o4 could interpret along with chlorine and chloride reacts with Sulphur Dioxide chlorine dioxide is next is chlorine gas is passed into water saturated with hydrogen sulphide and chlorine gas cl2 gas is passed into the water saturated hydrogen sulfide H2S plastic to the form HCL

in what direction to hair affair in water due to internal server error terms due to formation of formation of people for next is hydrogen sulphide is passed through sodium bisulphate solution is passed through sodium bisulphate nahso3 the form any two or three plus

and sulphur direction 22 23 24 solution rate of state of sulphur is obtained thank you

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