State whether the following conversions are oxidation or reduction reactions. <br> `PbO_2 + SO_2 to PbSO_4`

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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welcome to not in this question asked about the state of state whether the following conversion of oxidation reduction of reaction oxidation or reduction reaction it is given that pbo2 on reaction with SO2 hair converted into pbso4 in plus two Oxidation State hair Oxidation state of previous here it is oxidation Oxidation state of PB is egg than oxygen show -2 Oxidation state to have -4 and it is equal to zero x is equal to plus 4 and + 2 Oxidation State pro hair Oxidation State will be due to hair grow

introduction will be take place theory it is reduction will be take place and year of oxygen is added with the sulphur because here to oxygen is present here and here sulphur is oxidized here because here it is in plus 4 oxidation states and here sulphur has + 6 Oxidation State so there it is Gate oxidized here oxidation oxidation is present here in this reaction oxidation and reduction both are take place is called red oak reaction it is called red of reaction in which oxidation it is Redox reaction in which the oxidation and reduction both our place take place then this reaction is called red of this is our

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