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Chemical Thermodynamics


State the thermodynamic condit...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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hello everyone the question is state the Thermodynamics condition for spontaneous occurrence of a process so we know that for a process to be Ponting Delta G that is Gibbs free energy should be negative and we know that Gibbs free energy is equals to delta delta S where delta H is enthalpy and delta delta t temperature and is entropy now what should be the condition that Delta G should be negative according to this what we can say is that if entropy change is positive suppose Delta is

the processes exothermic that mean delta H is negative the process is as you can see when we put this as a negative Delta G is equals to Delta is -3 Delta suppose this is negative because the process is exothermic so in that case delta H is negative temperature will remain high a you can take the temperature as low as well but let's take this temperature is high temperature and Delta S that is entropy is positive so what happens this negative into positive come

out to be negative negative plus negative is negative so Delta Re comes out to be negative so the first condition can be that Delta S is positive delta H is negative so Delta G comes out to be negative ok no looking at the second condition your you can sit S give delta H is positive and temperature is high whereas delta H is positive or you can say endothermic process but the value is small because the temperature is high here

so we can say that Delta G is equals to Delta at minus Delta since this is positive or you can say 40 - temperature is high which means the value of t is increased and this is positive integer is equals to positive negative to positive negative and we know that since the temperature is higher so the value of delta will be more temperature hai so Delta S will be more the negative sign will be more so more of negative sign and less of positive signs of delta G comes out to be negative

so these dynamic condition for a process to be spontaneous thank you

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