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Specimen Paper 3


State the effect of temperatur...

State the effect of temperature on solubility of the following: <br> Sodium chloride


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welcome to doubt not in this question asked about state the effect of temperature on the solubility of the following it is given that sodium chloride let discuss about the sodium chloride it is NaCl anything it is a strong electric electrolyte and weak electrolyte those two substances which are you are called electrolyte electrolyte and weak electrolyte with 100% 100% approximately approximately hundred percent iron

ionized in water water are called are called strong electrolyte here it is strong electrolyte and all salt strong acid weak acid strong base and also called also called strong electrolyte electro light light and generally strong electrolytes are highly soluble in water due to the breakage in there and effect of temperature it is

100% organised in the hotel also Note images for very less changes very less changes solubility of NaCl on increasing increasing temperature basically on increasing temperature solubility polity of every type of will increased with increase in temperature but here it is strong

electrolyte negligible changes in the solubility of the solubility of the sodium chloride in the water on increasing temp on increasing temperature of lightly slightly increases very less increases or does not affected