State the bond order and indicate whether the species is paramagnetic
CN (b) CN (c ) CNΘ (d) No .


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so the question we have a state the bond order and indicate whether the fishes paramagnetic square given with 4 different dishes and we had to find out cost of bonded and the ok so to find out what ok we have to write the electronic configuration of this fishes according to Molecular orbital theory ok so ko bond order upay the formula we have is half number of bonding Electrons - number of antibonding ok in Molecular orbital theory be defined is antibonding by a star ok to differ from bonding electrons first we have CM calculate the total number of electrons in carbon the electrons are 6
and in the nitrogen it is 7 and 10 plus sign indicates that one electronic removed so we are left with 12 that means we have to write down this configuration according to 12 electrons that is man Venice 222222 ok and 52 pf5 topi udisa total number of 12 electrons ok so to find out this bond order that is equal to half the number of bonding electrons we have to stand and I didn't hear it and the number of antibonding electrons are 2 and 24 ok
so it comes out as half x 4 which is equal to 24 the bond order for the sea and positive it is too and to find out paramagnetism ok paramagnetism mean Anpadh Lekin ok so we can see that in the electronic configuration there is no and electrons that means a negative note paramagnetic now will do the same for CMC and negative and connection we have is a new policy and so for that we write the same electronic configuration but instead there will be 13 that means one extract electron them CM positive so up to this point the electronic configuration will be same that is Sigma one is two star one is too big mart Surat to
Sigma star 282 ok 52 PS ok bye topi by arduino after then come visit so Sigma pz one ok that means there are total number of 13 electron ok so to find out the bond order we have half now the bonding electrons there is extra electron added in the bonding orbital ok that means this becomes 9 and it is subtracted from cold because number of antibody engineering team that is half X is equals to 2.5 now we can see that in the outermost shell there is only one electron that means it is paramagnetic because there is an now move on to the third one that is CM
negative super scene active we can see that there is extra extra electron as compared to this year and that means total electrons OK so the configuration will remain signature 1 sq yard to sq ft master ok bye topi at square Pi supervisor now in which season there will be addition of one more electron that is Sigma fees that so the bonded becomes this 9 becomes 10 because in warning to 2222 that means 10 electrons minus in antibonding IT remains same it
becomes 6 by two that is equals to 3 and we can see that in the outermost shell there is paired electrons so this is also not paramagnetic now the fourth and last when we have is and no that is 24 nitrogen it is 7 and oxygen it is it so it becomes total electrons is equals to 1500000 ok sunao will write down the same electronic configuration up to 14 left and after that one orbital will be included that is Sigma 1.2 Sigma tools to Sigma stars to esu 5 up square 52 p y square office then Sigma is that this is the morning so there will be antibonding for this also that is 5 stars2
and there will be only one electron in this from here the bond order is equal to han there is same number of electrons in the bonding that is 10 to in antibonding there will be Mani electronics that is 224 and 15 and it is equals to 1 upon 2 into 5 that will be so as there is one electron that means it will be a direct and this species will be and to the answer to this question that mean and this and you will be paramagnetic

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