Stability of trivalent and mono valent cation of group 13 (Boron family) will be in order :


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hello tunes question is stability of trivalent and monovalent cation of group 13 that is Boron family will be in order gallium three positive greater than Indian three positive greater than Thailand three positive be useful in three positive greater than Indian three positive greater than Galaxy positive third one is thallium positive greater than Indian positive greater than Gal positive and third one is Indian sea positive greater than a positive greater than gallium record this question we have to find out the stability of trivalent and monovalent cation of the group 13 members gallium indium and falan the 3rd members of group 13 and in group 13 there are two Oxidation state that is plus one and plus
3 this Oxidation state are observed with their electronic configuration that is there outer electronic configuration that is NH2 MP3 outer electronic configuration sorry ns2 and P1 there having 3 electrons India will tell you it can either lose wali electron and lose the 3D 3 electrons and give the oxidation States + 1 and + 3 love the stability of the plus 3 Oxidation state it decreases down the group stability of 3 Oxidation State decreases down the group
it is due to inert pair effect due to inert pair effect which is the reluctance of the earth electron reluctance of electron to participate in bonding therefore only T letter on that is involved in bonding therefore plus one Oxidation state it is more stable as we move down the group you to in a terrific is the members members they are having electron India d and f orbital aunty and F orbital they have poor shielding effect
and due to poor shielding effect this as electron they are reluctant to participate in the bonding and the oxidation stability of the Lassi Oxidation state it decrease and + 1 Oxidation state it increases down the group stability of + 1 Oxidation State increases on going down the group Dekho the order will be gallantry positive it will be more stable than Indian three positive then Thailand three positive so order of Oxidation State that will be gallantry positive then
Indian see positive greater than talent 3 positive and populous one of the nation state thallium plus one is more stable when Indian positive and then gallium positive so correct answers to this question will be there will be correct as a positive it is more stable than India for three qualities and balancing cost and the auction will also be correct that thallium positive will be created as compared to Indian positive at Gal positive correct answer that is drive or try will find Oxidation state the correct order and for monovalent atoms plus one Oxidation state of this one the correct voter NCERT correct answers I hope you understood it thank you

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