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S-block Group 1 - Alkali Metals


Sodium nitrate decomposes abov...

Sodium nitrate decomposes above-`800^(@)C` to give

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution


Answer : A::B::D
Solution : `2NaNO_(3)overset(Delta)rarr 2NaNO_(2)+O_(2)` <br> `2NaNO_(3)overset(800^(@)C)rarr Na_(2)O+N_(2)+(5)/(2)O_(2)`


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hi everyone let's take a question here the question is Sodium nitrate decomposition of verb 800 degree Celsius to give ok so here we have the four options and we have to see that what does we will have after the decomposition ok so when there is a no condition of temperature there is the journal heating of the sodium nitrate OK then what happens when sodium nitrate decomposes into the nano2 ok plus O2 ok it decomposes to the nano2 + O2 it means that that time it forms the sodium nitrite ok that time it forms the sodium nitrite ok so here this is Sodium nitrate ok but here we are given that sodium nitrate decomposes a verb

degree Celsius OK Here ho to is released so here we have sodium nitrate ok and the temperature is a verb 800 degree Celsius write it is a Barbie 20 degree Celsius so here we will have na2o + N2 + 5 by 2 or 2 ok here we have the release of N2 O2 and the enemy to ok hair we have the release of these Storms ok so here and to is our nitrogen and two is our nitrogen and na2o is our and need to is our oxide of sodium it is the oxide of sodium ok so here we have the formation of oxide of sodium Nitrogen gas and the Oxygen gas ok so here it will be to now this reaction is balanced reaction this is our so

nitrate now let see the option that what does we have got after the decomposition above 100 degree Celsius sorry share this is nitrogen only ok this one this is Oxygen ok so so this is our nitrogen and this is Oxygen and this is oxide of sodium oxide of sodium ok and this is Oxygen so let's see the options right so in the options first is N2 yes this will be correct because we have gotten to go to is also correct and NO2 is incorrect and na2o is correct ok so it means that here are our correct options are this one boy and two and four hour correct option thank you


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