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Solid State


Silver crystallises in a face ...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Text Solution

Answer : 141.4 pm
Solution : For a face centred (fcc) unit cell. <br> `r=(a)/(2sqrt2)or(("400pm"))/(2sqrt2)=((400xx10^(-10)))/(2sqrt2)` <br> `=((400xx10^(-10)cm))/(2xx1.414)=141.44xx10^(10)cm=141.4"pm"`

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hello everyone are question is a silver crystallizes in a face centred cubic unit cell each side of a unit cell has a length of 500 pm calculate the radius of the Silver actor assume that the atoms Church touch each other on the diagonal across the face of the unit cell that is each face atom is touching for atom to has a solution in the question we have given that the Silver is crystallizes in fcc lattice and hear the fcc lattice has at length equal to 500 PM that is a is 500 pm over here and here are the questions asked about the radius of the Telugu item so here we will draw the assessee letters and for fcc lattice we will rock you we know that in fcc lattice the atoms are present at the corner and at each face Centre so here are the atoms are present at each corner designer corner items in here we have one

atom at each face centre from here it is clear that this is the face Tiger this is the edge length this is the excellent this is the excellence is the accident and this is the face diagonal and here we can say that a diagonal we have three atoms so we can write like this that at each face diagonal we have three atoms and the length of its diagonal is a route to so here we have three atoms we know that each atom have radii are here this atom have read a r and hear this item also have radius R at this time and radius R at the side so from here we can say that here are the 4 hour is equal to the length of the face diagonal which is a route to so from here we can say that here the hour is equal to root 2 by 4 and simplified it we can write it like this ad will be equals to a root

2 divided by 2 into root 2 into root 2 we can also it like this and there is one root 2 is cancelled by this route to and from here we can say that here the value of R is a by 2 root 2 Sohail in the question we have given the value of which is 500 PM so we can put the value of a and can get the value of r from having said that here I will be equals to 500 divided by 2 root 2 and can also write like the 500/2 into 1.414 which is the value of root 2 and on calculating this we will get the value of R which is 170 6.80 pm in the question we have asked about the radius and hear the radius is equal to 17 6.80 PM so this is the answer thank you

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