Select the odd out and justify your choice
SO2, H2S, NH3, CO2


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Ca(OH)2 is odd one because it is white, whereas the others are coloured.


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select the odd one out and justify your answer so we have Forex identified by their so we have a SO2 H2S NH3 and sure to so we had to order now we have a SO2 H2S 83 that is ammonia we have CO2 carbon dioxide we have a stress hydrogen sulfide and Sulphur Dioxide so what we know about this is this a bit awkward SO2 this is acidic oxide right acidic oxide because it this is made up of non metal rates and we know that non metallic oxides are acidic in nature similarly H2S is acidic night and we talk about your to this is also acidic in acidic in nature right is acidic in nature
MP talk about NH3 and nf3 in in the case of SO2 H2S and assault to write all these three will give the acid will dissolve the best water but in the case of NH3 this will give base a withdrawal with water that is and 4 red Ammonium hydroxide this is base so we have to select the odd one out so although all this nature but this is basic in nature so this is our odd one out thank you

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