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Class 12






Qualitative Inorganic Salt Analysis


Select the correct statement(s...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Text Solution

`Ag_(2)S_(2)O_(3)` appear as white precipitate when `Na_(2)S_(2)O_(3)` reacts with `AgNO_(3)``Ag_(2)S_(2)O_(3)` is unstable turming black standing due to formation of `Ag_(2)S``S_(2)O_(3)^(2-)` can form soluble complax `[Ag(S_(2)O_(3))_(2)]^(3-)` with `Ag^(o+)``Na_(2)S_(2)O_(3)` is used in photography.

Answer : a,b,c,d

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hello students in the given question we have been provided to select the correct statements from the following states name therefore statement to choose which among the following is correct or not coming to the first statement that silver sulphate thiosulfate a white precipitate when sodium thiosulfate reacts with silver nitrate now we know that when sodium thiosulfate or reacts with silver nitrate we get white precipitate of ag2s 23 is a white precipitate so or statement number is coming to statement number bs23 is unstable and turn black due to formation of silver sulphide so yes it is true

death stranding silver sulphate changes its colour changes colour first to yellow orange then it becomes Rahul and finally it becomes due to formation of silver sulphide PPT on standing ok send thiosulfate changes its colour from white yellow orange Brown and finally to black so or statement is also correct if we add sodium thiosulfate for height PO in Texas ok if any

3 is taken in excess we get a soluble Complex 233 - that makes or statement see also correct and finally this reaction is this reaction is widely used in Digital Photography or analogue photography ok that beans ola statement is also correct that which is

any two S2 S3 it is also known as it is used in photography so all or options are correct ok all options correct answer option A B and C please answer

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