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Class 10






Study Of Compounds - Sulphuric Acid


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

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hello everyone option select the correct answer in the bracket the type of salt formed when excess of caustic soda reacts with sulphuric acid acid salt or not in the talking about what what type of salt is being formed when excess of caustic soda that is nothing but Sodium Hydroxide which is a b which will react with sulphuric acid which is the we know that whenever an acid reacts with base creating a reactive salt water that is a General reaction knowledge see the reaction of anyone with sulphuric acid to any or react with H2 s o4 give any 2 s o4 Plus water so that is the reaction that is being that you want to balance the reaction system there are two atoms of product size ml X

^ 3 Baje sulphur is one on each side of the number of hydrogen we have two plus 24 hydrogen so here we have to multiply this with two reasons are balance is a number for 246 of January 8 inside and 4 + 2 is oxygen on the products that this is the balanced equation now the afternoon is which type of salt is formed now an acid salt Tata salt is formed when is strong acid when strong acid is reacting with a weak base a neutral salt or a normal salt is formed when is strong as this is reacting with a strong base your existing speech they have Sodium Hydroxide in

sulphuric acid this both of them a strong base in from acid 15 here is a normal fault ok how was a strong acid and strong base the in the aqua solution did associate completely into iron that was a strong acid and strong bases and salt that have produced is it normal for the answer for this question is normal for thank you

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