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Class 8






Elements, Compounds & Mixtures


Select the correct answer from...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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hello everyone the question is select the correct answer from the choice in bracket to complete each sentence an example of a monoatomic molecule is hydrogen or helium is question the first of all we will see what is a molecule so a molecule consists of one or more atoms on Together by chemical bonds ok and these are the smallest constituent unit of matter that possesses a properties of a chemical element so we can write it down as it consists of consist of one or two atom 11 or we can write it one or more atom bomb together atoms bound together chemically Oregon se bound Together by chemical bond chemical born

they are the smallest constitution unit of matter ok and their causes they possess the properties of the chemical element in the properties open the chemical element what happens if some elements that you have seen in the periodic table cannot exist in the elemental form ok for example we have hydrogen to hydrogen cannot exist as h ok it exists as a nitrogen molecule in which two hydrogen atoms are pot together so molecules are such substances thing that are that represents the properties of that chemical element and they are independently existing in the environment so hydrogen can independently exist in response but it can

exist in the molecular form and this molecule a form that you are saying here is a diatomic molecules because there are two atoms attached here ok so in this question have given options hydrogen and Helium mention that hydrogen cannot exist in monoatomic for Mori cannot for monatomic molecules it has to form a diatomic molecules to hydrogen diatomic molecule Helium on the other hand is a noble gas ok and it is very stable in itself so that's why that's why it can exist in a mono mo mono atomic molecule like this so that's why the answer for this question will be Helium so a monoatomic molecule is Helium that was explanation thank you

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