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Updated On: 27-06-2022

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hello everyone in question is select the correct answer from a b c d and E for each statement given below and a statement is this a crystal among the given compound crystal is colloidal solution or colloid is calcium chloride C solve the suspension and is washing soda among these which is monohydrate creatine monohydrate crystal so they are not in the form of hydrated crystal solutions are not in the form of hydrated distance this is the not answer solve and not in the form of hydrated crystal cube solution

Lloyd aur coronavirus solution it is is solution not a solvent it is not a crystal not suspension it is also a solution now there is either washing soda or other this huge calcium chloride so fused calcium chloride calcium chloride is this huge calcium chloride age fused calcium chloride cacl2 cacl2 cscl 2.2.2 disease at normal temperature but at to 60 degree temperature

at to 60° temperature this Android in the form of cscl 2.1 water molecule cacl2 dot H2O at to 60 degree Celsius and this is a monohydrate crystal compound is washing soda formula of washing soda is this any washing soda washing soda is this any two three and to this is washing soda this is also a crystalline compound but here Krishna and water Istanbul they are asking to hydrate one on the one Hyderabad

this question is calcium chloride age option B answer of this question is huge and this is the answer this question Lage hue the

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