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Updated On: 27-06-2022

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hello everyone question is select the correct ABCD and for each statement given below 20 used as a solvent the suspension and is washing soda and they are saying that a solution which can not able and can pass through and which cannot pass through semipermeable membrane ok solution S age

permeable membrane and solution colloidal solution b is Youth calcium chloride calcium chloride cacl2 is solvent solvent beads and

is washing soda washing soda ise any 2 S o4 ne23 tennis na2co 3.10 H2O washing soda solution colloidal particles is small rain the particles of solute in a colloidal solution means that three particles are small but not

ages in solid particle size is larger as compared to the filter paper but not through semipermeable membrane asking a solution which can pass through but not answer solution status check remaining answer of this question is that is colloidal solution

now in case of this is the answer in case of used to write the size of Huge calcium chloride not discuss this machine medium solvent solute smaller size of suspension suspension particles in case of suspension is sufficiently large

so they cannot pass through semipermeable membrane and as well as rain and washing soda and two solution in water dissolve in water and a solution is size of this solid particles in washing soda is small in comparison to

washing soda solution particle is solute particles in a soft solution make a paper as well as a semipermeable membrane is solution that which can fast fast and age option that is colloidal solution


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