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Class 8






Carbon & Its Compounds


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

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hello everyone question age select the correct answer from a b c d and E for each statement given below is anthracite Diamond seed carbogen urea and is lampblack question is a nitrogenous fertilizers obtained from carbon dioxide ok in nitrogen containing fertilizer obtained from carbon dioxide out of these options only one substance substance is a Fertilizer and that is urea and recite a type of coal Diamond message a balloon compound hardest known substance Diamond ka bhajan this is a mixture of Co2 and O2 lampblack is the carbon content obtained by the conversion of kerosene oil

ok so nitrogenous fertilizer obtained from carbon dioxide the answer of this question is urea answer of this question age of 70 is a right answer and D is what this is urea so how this area is obtained here when outside and Ammonia gases are reacted together so carbon dioxide and Ammonia Ammonia reacts with one mole of carbon dioxide then we get urea and formula of Urea is NH2 NH2 desi urea + H2O + H2O Sudesh compound NH2 NH2 is called as urea

fertilizer nh209 Stewart is urea and it is a fertilizer nitrogen-containing fertilizer Tej fertilizer fertilizer Ammonia Ammonia Ammonia gas and outside guess they are reacted together then we get in fertilizer we get a fertilizer nitrogen-containing fertilizers and this nitrogen-containing is urea in urea party 6.6% nitrogen is present this equation balanced or unbalanced nitrogen left side to nitrogen left right side hydrogen 236 right side 2 + 24 + 26 years left side One More tatsat One V auction website to more oneplus

Swadeshi balanced equation and the correct answer of this question is option day that is urea is the right answer

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