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Updated On: 17-04-2022

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(a) If the value of `l=O,`the electron distribution is spherical (b) The shape of the orbital is given by magnetic quantum number (c) Angular momentum of `1s, 2s, 3s ` orbit electrons are equal (d) In an atom, all the electrons travel with the same velocity


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hello everyone list of this question now we have to select the incorrect statement of the following statement now we are given the first statement is if the value of L is equals to zero the electron distribution is Oracle now we're given l is equal to zero and is the azimuthal quantum number which tells about the shape of the orbital shape of the suction now for LED quiz 20 we know this is the case of I sabse the name of a subshell is due to its perikal Shaikh so the electron distribution is spherical has subshell to the option of a will be correct now let's move to the option of baby the shape of the orbital is give why the given by the magnetic quantum number this is incorrect I am is the magnetic quantum number the shape of the orbital

quantum number of L am give the orientation of Orbital orientation of Orbiter so this is incorrect now that statement is angular momentum of 1S 2S 3S Orbit electrons are equal now will according to the bohar theory bohar give the value of the angular momentum that is the that is known as quantization of energy and we are that is angular momentum is equals to NH by 2 power n is the number of orbit now we can see in this case the value of n is different that is the principal quantum number in this case it is 12 and 32 the value of the item will be different so this is also incorrect now we are given food in an atom all the

electrons travel with the same velocity now this is also incorrect because velocity of electrons is directly proportional to z y and ratio so it will depend on the number of orbit and the that is the Principal Quantum Number So the electrons with different value of and will have different velocity so this is also a direct now we were told to choose the correct statement to the incorrect statement BBC add thank you so much

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