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Some Important Organic Name Reactions


Schmidt Reaction ...

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution

Solution : Carboxylic acids on treatment with hydrazoic acid `(N_(3)H)` in presence of conc. `H_(2)SO_(4)`, yield `1^(@)` amines along with the evolution of `CO_(2)` and `N_(2)`. For example <br> `underset("Propanoic acid")(C_(2)H_(5)COOH)+underset("Hydrazoic acid")(N_(3)H)overset("Conc. "H_(2)SO_(4))(to)underset("Ethyl amine")(C_(2)H_(5)NH_(2))+CO_(2)+N_(2)` <br> <img src="" width="80%"> <br> A mixture of `NaN_(3)` and conc. `H_(2)SO_(4)` can also be used in place of `N_(3)H` and conc. `H_(2)SO_(4)`.


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last date of the question is Smith reaction so what is Smith reaction so if you used any asset MS acid react with HNO3 hn3 and after that we have to hear this compound and along that you have to used was so that we can use with negative on any a strong base Life Care at an average and obviously the aker solutions of chapter quarter as well so from here one degree amine is form 19 and we can say as a by-product means you will be released due to its base is sufficient and beautiful back with this base to convert into a carbonate ok that is a side ration we can see me 1 full form from here are the major product of the reaction proceeds the first of all we have this

and that acid react with HNO3 H and 12 will have a double bond nitrogen and this will contain a positive charge and that you will have a need to charge for this region as they will attack on this car and from here at this point will be live from where the living group so it will convert into a r c double bond where we have anyone hydrogen is present in this nitrogen and along that we have double bond and double bond and negatives and here is a positive charge to this module will also have a positive charge because this night is Night from forming the four from this year and this Nagin with this bonded thereto is life itself after that one more thing will happen here this natural with its non parallel and this natural visited was this

nitrogen-vacancy the one on periods getting from here to read itself And I Know The Lone pair is getting from here to convert into a negative charge power on to negative charge coming so one night negative charge will be utilised and other negative charge will be present in the starter convert into a negative and along with that we have these and triple Bond and any positive charge this becomes a very good looking and appreciate this compound after hitting a small small heating what happened let me write the reactions in that direction after a small greeting of this compound is this compound Swami happened is laterally from here are the living room because this entry is a very good leaving group mein add a gas is released from here and it will convert into a night to regret this is called night rain because right now this nitrogen only one ball is forming so it will have gone back and orbital and along with that to learn that will be there

people after the topic happened blackmail region B tech space year betterment weighted what will happen in the Batman reagent this this alkyl group will it take this nitrogen is it will donate to this was an orbital this km and wall mounted will be donated to form a Pi want this will be called as a Batman Wage and after that it will convert into a b and c double bond Ch double bond and sigma bond are you wake up every user base so it will react to the base it will attack on this carbon and despite what we shifted towards nitrogen it convert into a we can say we have it on this one first hour and negative ok and negative is there along that what is also present here is a form that water when this card lateral convert into a negative from that water 1 X8 with convert into NH along with that is carbon double bond

we have this ok ok with me right one more thing here it will not take h positive from water because where we have acid and this acid and here we have this negative charge for this service is nitrogen because of oxygen that will be more stable and because of that this will convert into a table 1 and describe it here and this I want this single bond will break from here to convert this into a H and H negative so will get here are NH negative and along with that CO2 from water 1 h positive will come from water and it will convert into rnh2 our lives we can this one degree amine is forming and along with that you are waiting for this reaction is known as fraction so I hope you understand the whole concept of this reaction can give


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