Sabatier-Senderen's reduction.

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Text Solution

Solution :
This reaction involves the reduction of unsaturated hydrocarbons to saturated hydrocarbons in presence of Raney nickel as catalyst at 473-573 K. for example, <br> `underset("Alkene")(R-CH=CH_(2)+H_(2))underset(473-573K)overset(Ni)(to)underset("Alkane")(RCH_(2)CH_(3))` <br> `underset("Alkyne")(R-C-=C-H+2H_(2))underset(473-573K)overset(Ni)(to)underset("Alkane")(RCH_(2)*CH_(3))` <br> The reaction is also used in the manufacture of Vanaspati Ghee from edible vegetable oils.

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