Reduction of Alkyne (Birch & Lindlars)


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so I question is reduction of alkene using birch and lindlar's catalyst reduction of Alkaline means alkine changes to L kin means C triple Bond see changes to see 110 in the presence of any Reagent this alkine changes to alkene this alkene form has two types of configuration Cisco configuration and trans configuration and this configuration depends on the reagent we are using now we have two types of reagents birth Reagent and in that catalyst now will discuss them one by one first one is Virtually agent
inverse Reagent we use any alkali metal like Lithium sodium in the presence of liquid ammonia any alcoholic solvent suppose I'm taking ethanol now this birch reagent will always always give trans alkene translate keen means there are hydrogen are on the opposite sides here I am taking a simple alkaline C are in the presence of virtue Reagent sodium liquid Ammonia
ethanol will give him in this hydrogen are on the opposite side and here are the alkyl groups so this is a trans alkene now we will come to lindlar's catalyst for landlords reagent inland largely agent we have hydrogen gas Palladium metal in the presence of Barium sulphate and quinoline methane all
Navin some books poison Palladium is also mention this is also a lindlar's catalyst here I am also taking a simple alkaline in the presence of poison Palladium now this alkene will be formed is off sis current configuration means hydrogen around the same side hydrogen are on the same side here are the alkyl groups this is a cyst in taking an example
suppose I'm taking butyne 1110 CH3 CH3 firstly I am reacting it with The Perch reagent with alkene will be formed is of Trans configuration so in trans configuration hydrogen are on the opposite side and remaining are the alkyl groups it is a trans alkene navam reacting the same will kill with the landlords reagent aur lindlar's catalyst in the presence of hydrogen
gas why now using Linux reagent we have this alkene means hydrogen sim side here are the alkyl groups it is SSL key in this question we have studied that by using 22 recent purchase agent and lindlar's catalyst we get the different configuration of alkene by using bus Reagent we get trans alkene and by using lindlar catalyst which gets is alkene thank you

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