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Class 12






Aiims 2018 Paper 2


Reactivity order for SN1 <br> ...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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`I gt ii gt iii gt iv``ii gt I gt iii gt iv``iii gt ii gt I gt iv``iv gt iii gt ii gt i`

Answer : B
Solution : Rate of SN1 `alpha` stability of carbocation <br> `alpha +I, +M,` HC effect <br> `{:((i)CH_(3)-overset(Cl)overset(|)Ch-CH_(2)CH_(3)toCH_(3)-overset(o+)CH-CH_(2)-CH_(3)),((ii)PH-CH_(2)-underset(Cl)underset(|)(CH)-CH_(3) to PH-CH_(2)-overset(o+)CH-CH_(3)),((iii) CH_(3)-overset(Cl)overset(|)underset(OCH_(3))underset(|)C-CH_(3)toCH_(3)-underset(OCH_(3))underset(|)overset(o+)C-CH_(3)),((iv)CH_(3)-CH_(2)-CH_(2)-Clto CH_(3)-CH_(2)-CH_(2)^(+)):}`

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hello everyone the reactivity order for f11 we have to take the reactivity order for the attainment reaction Indian given for organic compound compound there is a member carbon Chain and chloride is present at cover number to the second number organic compound B have a group is it connected by a team member carbon chain is present in the compound we have remembered carbon and its compound and present at the cabin and option a b c and d are given Ravinder 8 ka prashn 1 and we have to choose the correct option now taking the rate of Ethanol reaction for checking

the rate of reaction SN1 reaction we need to get the mechanism of SN1 reaction ok in the mechanism of SN1 reaction we get to form carbon and Reform ok now since we are getting over it and in the mechanism of SN1 reaction for stability when it to check we need to check the stability of stability of iron in the reaction to check the stability of carbocation and in the reactant now if the first compound we have for memory for member carbon sink with the first

we have Ho memo Pawan Singh PS3 PS2 PS3 as carbon prevent ok now it will happen then Love Ka Full Form after the localisation of the story will form ADT 1 number 2 Number 1 pound vs rupee present to gain if a national happen then this will move out and and of a at Karbonn ok now when we see the third compound compound

Jivan like that we have to remember Pawan sin 3A and 3A vs 3A National happened it remove and advocate angle formula for compound compound we have PS3 PS2 PS2 feel like this PS3 PS2 to check the stability and then we can see them at their at this first compound we have to recover cation at this second degree at the third we have

degree but we can see that it is in it is getting + effect of this is getting married and since it is getting an effect that will get expressed abe life because it getting electron from this will be most stable if the most stable compound by 1 Degree and it will it now in compound 1 into things to read compound to degree carbon I have to see the extra effect inductive effect on getting this so we can see that ok I think that the group

number to it means that will affect and then there is a group and from this my hydrogen stiff and it will form a resonance effect with this ok that carbon number 2 more will be more stable than one and active and this year and it still ok now the order will be Myntra carbon number third at position at this compound 3rd William of the table of 3 and then we can see that the compound to this will be after this because of Pandit and hydrogen safety it is getting and

then at number at compound number one and it will be more stable at compound may 19 at last it will compound of authenticity and order of SN1 reaction SN1 reaction 32141 option and watching

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