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Rank the following groups in o...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Solution : `-F gt -OH gt -NH_(2)gt -CH_(3)`

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hi everyone lipstick ke question so here are the question is rank the following groups in order of the decreasing priority for the Rs configuration ok so here we are given with the f ok here it is with this here we have this ok so here we have is f here we have NH2 here we have CH3 and here we have is ok so here we have to decide the priority ok decreasing priority order it means that first we will write the increasing one which have the higher priority so when we need to know the priority sequence in for the Rs nomenclature for reason nomenclature then we follow the cipp rule ok so according to the sea IP rule the first is that the higher priority is given to the higher atomic number on the basis of the atomic number if we have the isotope than the priority is given to the higher mass number

Hindu Higher mass number ok the atoms with the higher mass number and the third is that if we have the group suppose this is our group then the priority is decided on the basis of the atomic number of the first element first element atomic number and then it will follow the same order that is the higher atomic number ok if we are unable to decide on the basis of first element then we go for the second one ok sunao here if we see the first elements given here so the fluorine have the atomic number 9 nitrogen 7 carbon 6 and oxygen it right on the basis of this so which will be given the priority first fluorine then we will have the then we will have the NH2 and then we will have the CH3 ok so this is our priority decreasing priority for the

this configuration on the basis of the atomic number ok so high atomic number f ok and if we go for the groups now the higher priority is to us because it has atomic number 8 so this is required answer thank you


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