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Rank the following groups in o...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Solution : `(CH_(2))_(3)-CH_(3)-NH-CH_(3) gt CH_(2)-NH_(2) gt CH=CH_(2) gt -CH_(3)`

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hi everyone let's take a question so here are the question is rank the following groups in order of the decreasing priority for the Rs configuration OK when we talk about the priority order in Rs configuration then we follow the CI piru locate and we follow the Sippy rule which is based on the atomic numbers which is based on the atomic number that the higher priority is given to the group or element which have the higher atomic number ok which have the highest atomic number that will be given the higher priority ok so here we see the first is our CH3 next is our ch2 CH3 next ch2 ch2 CH3 we see that Ch 2 groups are increasing right next ch2 ch2 ch2 and CH3 ok if we first see if we see

on the basis of the Sippy rule ok done it says that the if we have the group then the productive is decided on the basis of the first element ok but here we see that the first element is same then we can't decide the priority on the basis of first element ok and now if we go for the second element then we will go for second then the second is also seem but now we go for the third element then it will have the higher priority than this one because here we have carbon with atomic number 6 here we have hydrogen with atomic number one now these in this between have decided know we will go for this one and this one ok so here we see then here what we can see is here we have here we have again at h then we have seen it means it will be given the priority ok now in these both it will be given the priority ok due to the

ok so here in our priority order will be this one I tried the priority order because if we can't decide on the basis of was then we will go for a second and third and but the higher priority will be given to the group with the higher atomic number ok the element so here we see the order will be like this H2 price CH3 then we have is ch2 ch2 CH3 and then we have a ch2 CH3 and then we have a CH3 so this is this will be our order because when we keep on increasing the carbons ok like here we go for a third so it will it comes and high priority and this then when we compare in between these then this will come on higher priority because of the fifth card this position ok fifth element not carbon element ok we are not dress

counting the carbon we are seeing the element but if we have the same element then we will go for 10 next element ok so this is our require priority order for the given groups ok so this is our answer thank you


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