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Pt |H_(2)(1 bar)H^(+)||KCl(1.0...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Solution : 0.555 V

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hello everyone here equation is platinum that is age 24 2 X + and electric cell that is KCL 1m saturation and HD 2 serial 22 HD was used to measure the pH of 0.05 M acetic acid in 0.004 M of ch3coona calculate the potential where value of k ch3cooh is 1.8 into 10 power minus 5 and electron potential that is HD to Sialkot to HD is equal to 0.2 AV so we calculate the concentration for h + that is kan2 concentration of acid concentration of base that so it is equal to 1.8 which is given one

8 into 10 power minus 5 into 0.84 case it is given that is 0.05% Ration upon for based at 0.04 which is equal to 2.25 into 10 power minus 5 price according to nashta question we know that if cell is equal to in or out of H2 cl2 to HD -9 top 10 + 2 x 2 - 0.059 upon one low concentration of h + upon what we know that electron electrode potential forest-plus is

so we put the values of not of H2 cl2 date 0.28 V so it is equal to zero point 28 - of 0.059 upon 1 log the concentration of values 2.25 to 2.25 into 10 power minus 5 software solving we get E cell is cell is equal to 0.28 plus 0.275 with equal to 0.555 V this is value of cell potential

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