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Class 9






The Periodic Table


Properties of eka aluminium ma...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Sodium Potassium MagnesiumGallium

Answer : D

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hello students only question is properties of aluminium matches well with ok bye have options here option one is Sodium option to is Potassium 3 is magnesium and adoption for is gallium ok so here the correct answer is of which the properties of aquarium matches well with the gallium here right option for is the correct answer how as the properties of aluminium here the properties of Eka aluminium aluminium they are matches well with the gallium write matches well with gallium gallium here ok so in 18

21 mandali predicted the existence of the yet and discovered element and name IT Academy I'm ok mandali 1871 predicted the and discovered element write this is an discovered covered element element and named it aluminium because of its proximity of aluminium in the periodic table ok ok so so Hare aluminium and the gallium gallium are the two names of the same element as Academy I'm ok has almost exactly the same properties as the actual properties of the gelem element ok and the property is the matches is like atomic

ok atomic mass density melting point ok density melting point right and the formula of chloride and formula of oxides are almost the same ok the formula alright ok so these are the properties that matches the option for gallium is the correct answer for this question here alright thank you

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