Propane shows chain isomerism.

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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hello everyone the question is propane shows chain isomerism ok for this question first we have to understood about chain isomerism what is chain isomerism OK then chain isomerism is a type of structural isomerism in which we can say if molecular formula if molecular formula of compounds of compounds are same molecular formula should be same molecular formula of compounds are same but but both compounds compounds both compounds have different carbon chain have different carbon

then both compounds will be chain isomers and this phenomenon is known as chain isomerism if we see the example of chain isomerism then this compound CH3 ch2 ch2 and CS3 if I have this compound the formula of this compound will be C4 h10 and I have another compound this compound this formula this compound also have a formula C4 h10 both compounds have similar molecular formula but if I select main carbon chain longest carbon chain 10 in this compound this will be the longest carbon chain the longest carbon chain will be of 4 carbon and its compound the longest carbon chain will be of 3 carbon and compounds have different carbon chain then these was compound r.c.i. chain isomers of each other and if we take the example of

propane then in propane the chain isomers is chain isomerism is not possible because I write proper and like this then in both pattern the longest carbon chain will be same in this compound in this structure longest carbon chain will be of 3 carbon and in second structure the longest carbon chain will be of 3 carbon because longest carbon chain is similar and formula is also similar c4c 3833 this both compounds are identical these are not chain isomers OK then you have to remember one thing that in alkane in alkane in alkane minimum minimum 4 carbon atoms atoms are required are required for CA in elk and minimum 4 carbon atoms are required for CA

propane will not show this statement is incorrect I hope you get your answer thank you

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