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Predict whether the following ...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Solution : `E_("cell")^(@) = E_("cathode")^(@) -E_("anode")^(@) = 1.06 - 0.15 = 0.91V`. <br> Since, `E_("cell")^(@)` comes out be positive, this means that the reaction can occur.

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hello aur question is predict whether the following reaction can occur under standard conditions or not they are the reaction is given and the values of their reduction potentials are given here are the values of reduction potentials are given because SL + 42 + 2 is changing so this reduction potentials ok so let's see how to determine whether a reaction is spontaneous or not if cell is positive value reaction is spontaneous means it will occur and if our unit cell value as a negative then it will be non spontaneous first of all what is unit cell in Excel

reduction potential at cathode - reduction potential at anode now check the reaction in this reaction at cathode reduction occurs ok so in this reaction deduction is happening in BR BR to is changing into Bihar -2 hair reduction is happening reduction so we will write at cathode reduction is happening of br2 so the reduction potential of the Year 2 given is 1.0 - reduction potential at a node at anode oxidation happens source here oxidation of acid + 2 is happening but we need to write the reduction potential and its value given is this 0.152 -0.95 this value 1.06 0.15 will get

Bill Gates is 0.91 old which is a positive value and the reaction will be this is positive value write the reaction will be spontaneous wanted what does it means that means it will occur under the following standard conditions

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