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Chemical Bonding And Molecular Structure


Predict the shape of the follo...

Predict the shape of the following Xenon compounds <br> (a) `XeO_(3)` (b) `XeOF_(4)` (c ) `XeO_(2)F_(2)` .

Updated On: 27-06-2022



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in this question it is telling that we have to predict the shape of the following Xenon compounds the first one is exit ok so that when a woman has its Valence Electrons latest draw 89 12345678 ok and as of late am required for bonding of Xenon use it to the cause for one of Sujan and next you for another and after that sofa finding the hybridization to use the formula Bond pair plus loan Pan ok so clearly number of bonds are 3 and number of lone pairs that need SP3 hybridization so the shape will be trigonil

pyramid let me show you this is done on a double bond double bond and sigma bond right so wallpaper calculating with a policy letters ok so here I also have 12345678 910 more natak 181 is enough for body for electrons will be used for 4 minutes a is one of the value that means that it is sp3d hybridization so it should have octahedral structure

FB welcome chlorine chlorine atoms and one lone so they should be there but as we see your present because of that becomes a square pyramid shape will be at the chlorine chlorine fluorine and chlorine here are right and we're having double bond we are having alone square pyramid now let's go for the next one that is we are having CO2 fk8

electrons 12345678 ok how many bonds for borders and one that is 5 that it is hybridization shape will be equal to C short ok so let me show you agree as and thank you


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