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Surface Chemistry





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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Needs high activation energy Depends on the surface areaResults into unimolecular layerIncreases with the increase of temperature

Answer : B


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in this question react to 10 which of the following statement is true for disease option accumulation of gas on the surface of solid it occurs on account of week Wonderwall forces week vander wall forces in the absorption it is termed as physisorption or physical adsorption sunao he looked at the first statement which says needs Hai activation energy this statement is incorrect for physisorption as in this case No appreciable activation energy is required no appreciable activation energy is required because in physisorption week 144 posters are there between adsorbent and adsorbent molecules now the second one which changed depends on the surface area this is correct that this series

depends on the surface area also the extent of adsorption it increases with increase in surface area the surface area more will be the adsorption and that's why finely divided finely divided since they have larger surface area that the actors good ab so this is correct now the third one which is results into Uni molecular layer this is incorrect because under high pressure this physisorption in physisorption multi-layered formation takes place so there multi layer formation take place this is also in correct now the fourth one which age is physisorption increases with increase in temperature it is also it is incorrect

cause if we see the physical adsorption of a gas by a solid is generally reversible like solid + gas in equilibrium with gas which is adsorbed on solid + heat so this reaction which is physisorption is a exothermic process since heat is released so according to reach at least print on increasing the temperature on the system equilibrium will shift in that direction in which the heat is on the temperature is decreasing the equilibrium 15 backward direction which means desorption will occur so that's why does physisorption generally occurs at low temperature and on increasing the temperature this is option in decreases so option for is also incorrect and correct option will be option to that it depends on the surface area