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Photochemical smog is actually a cause of pollution of


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hello everyone the question is photochemical smog is actually cause of pollution of soil air noise of water we have to choose the right one among them so let us first what is photo chemical so photochemical basically it is the reaction caused by absorption of reaction by absorption of energy in the form of light
the word smog is formed of smoke and fog photochemical smog is major contributor to air pollutant major country buter 2 year old and it is an is composed of primary and composed of primary and secondary pollutant primary and secondary pollutant
show the primary pollutant being primary pollutant of photochemical smog being nitrogen oxide nitrogen oxide and volatile organic compound released by Sula emissions light vehicle volatile organic compound released by released by vehicle Industries at 17 and the secondary pollutants include secondary
pollutant include Ozone which form as the primary pollutant with you with these substances are highly reactive and adversely impact the environment human life and animal life it causes many Ken diseases lung diseases headache these all are associated with photochemical smog so option number 1 photochemical smog is actually a cause of soil no it is not a cause of soil it is a cause of not included in photochemical smog number 3 is water no water is not the only option
to is correct that is photochemical smog is actually a cause of pollution of air

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