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Class 12






P-block Group 15 Elements - The Nitrogen Family


Phosphorus forms a number of o...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Text Solution

`H_3 PO_4``H_3 PO_3``HPO_3``H_3 PO_2`

Answer : B
Solution : Since `H_3 PO_3` is dibasic, it forms two series of salts.

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students in the given question we have been provided a paragraph about oxoacids of phosphorus ok their structure and the bond present in them is mentioned in the paragraph the main question acid which forms two series of sorts among the office of axis of phosphorus is to form a series of Acid uses of salt is we must be tired so that it neutralizes

Tom also song sunao just make the structure of all four of the author of acid and base of the following is died 3 PO 4 as we can see there will be 13 double bond ok I cannot your answer first as city of what is not diabetic and it is not talking about St 333 is type with this structure and one is it is diabetic it is or answer we need a acid that is type

test cases online answer answer is it is talking about 3hp 3 phase monobasic SP3 is that cannot your answer and the last 13.2 it is also monobasic and its structure it is Age 3 and talking about h3po it is also because it also has just won hydroxyl groups attached be caused these are for the hydrogen it is also mode of basic it cannot be your answer or answer is S3

orthophosphoric acid oxidation number and it is over answer

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