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pH of a saturated solution of ...

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution


Answer : B
Solution : pH of saturated solution of `Ca(OH)_(2)=9` <br> `pOH` of saturated of `Ca(OH)_(2)=5` <br> `OH^(-)=10^(-5)` <br> `Ca(OH)_(2)hArrunderset(1//2)xx10^(-5)underset(S)(Ca^(2+))+underset(10^(-5))underset(2S)(2OH^(-))` <br> solubility `(s)=1//2xx2" "10^(-5)` <br> `K_(ap)=[Ba2+][OH^(-)]^(2)` <br> `[1//2xx10^(-8)][10^(-5)]^(2)=0.5xx10^(-15)`


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welcome to dog not in this question ask about the pH of the solution of calcium hydroxide is it is given that here the solubility product of Calcium Hydroxide is there discuss about the solubility product then Calcium Hydroxide is equilibrium and Hydroxide solubility of calcium plus 2 high knees as and here are the concentration of solubility of CA + 2 whole twice the ability of power and its solubility is as and its solubility is too has power to

equal to four as it is the solubility product of the whole twice in the given find out then first of all discuss about the solubility and it is given that given that pH of a solution is 9 then we know that it is a b then here a + b is equal to 14 and here for 3 - PS which is equal to 5 because 40 - 9 is 5 it is equal to hair 14 - 9 it is 5 and we know that P is equal to mind

log base 10 to the power of concentration of minus is given here so it is equal to 5 then log base 2 card 10 year it is and it is equal to minus 5 and hear from here we can find here at minus a minus b is equal it is given that and its solubility is it is given equal to 2 hours so concentration of a minus b is equal to and it is given that it is 10 to power minus 5 then as is equal to 10 to power minus 5 to put the value of x in the solubility product and find the PSP here then KSP it is equal to 4 into 10 power minus 5 / 223 here so

it is equal to 0.5 into 10 raise to power minus 15 it is the PSP it is a solubility product photo calcium hydroxide in the given it is the correct thank you have a nice day


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