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pH of a saturated solution of ...

pH of a saturated solution of `Ca(OH)_2 ` is 9. The solubility product `(K_(sp )) " of " Ca(OH)_2 ` is

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution

` 0.125 xx 10^(-15)` ` 0.5 xx 10^(-10)` ` 0.5 xx 10 ^(-15)` ` 0.25 xx 10^(-10)`

Answer : C


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ab question is pH of a saturated solution of calcium hydroxide is 9 the solubility product KSP of Calcium Hydroxide is what 0.125 into 10 raise to power minus 15.5 tender Superman 7.5 into 10 power minus 15 0.25 into 10 raise to power minus x we are given these options and we need to find out that which among these is the correct solubility product of calcium hydroxide if the pH pH of the solution is night so we would write this PC given to us is it right to a we are given the pH of the saturated solution but we require pH because calcium liberates hydroxide ions it forms calcium to positive and it has to wait negative and tried to be required for us so that we can find the concentration of it negative CC so we know that pH Plus

is equal to 14 given to a switches from here what pH becomes it becomes 14 - 9 that means bike and now what is the average is minus Logon Hydroxide Ion concentration from hydrogen find the head of the in concentration right so that is 5 is equal to minus log of hydroxide and concentration so from hair Hydroxide Ion concentration would be what antilog of but we have - 600 we can take -5 right to what it would be 10 raise to power minus 5 this means a negative concentration camps ab analyst for minor site and this is nothing but solubility at now in our case calcium hydroxide we have calcium to positive and 2

wait negative solubility of calcium is S and that of its negative would be to write and how we write solubility product it is the solubility of our pt.sns festival calcium as a separate study material which is One X the solubility of Hydroxide uses tourist place to buy a striking A tree which is to be what is into four square set becomes 4 S cube from here we can have KSP equals to 4 sq banaa we know the value of us that is 10 raise to power minus 5 but this is for to Hydroxide ions right why because we have we are opening to Hydroxide ions right so for one hydroxide and we would have tended to part - 5 divided by 24 into this is 10 power minus 5 / 2

when we solve this what you get is this is four right into one by two one by two 1 by 2 into 10 raise to power minus 15 August get cancelled with is 0.5 into 10 raise to power minus 5 right to be compelled to wear KFC value is ECR options we have point 5 into 10 power minus 15 3rd series 3


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