`PCl_(5)` is 10% dissociated at 1 atm. What is % dissociation at 4 atm .` PCl_(5)(g)hArr PCl_(3)(g)+Cl_(2)(g)`

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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<img src="https://d10lpgp6xz60nq.cloudfront.net/physics_images/AAK_T6_CHE_C24_E09_009_S01.png" width="80%"> <br> (b) Because of the greater nucleophilicity of S-as compared to O- A is the major product


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hello everyone at the question is PCL5 is 10% associated at 1 ATM at what is the percentage dissociation at 4 ATM the reaction is given that is PCL5 near PCL5 at equilibrium dissociate into pcl3 and cl2 initially we see that there one mole of PCL5 from one mole of pcl3 and cl2 so its pressure is one that initially its pressure is zero at equilibrium pressure is an Alpha it's also be an alpha and here it is P11 minus Alpha because your one mole of PCL5 so it is associated in 1 - but here it is said that 10% of the associated at 1 ATM PCL5 is dissociated 10% 15% of one that is 0.1 0.1

it is 0.1 P1 and it is P 10.9 so we calculate bkp from here so KP is equal to zero point 1 p 1 square upon 0.91 so here we get Deewanapan 90 Deewanapan 98 the value of p 1 from where we say that PCL5 is 10% associated at one at a pressure at P oneplus P1 Alpha is equal to 1 from one is common oneplus Alpha is equal to one but there were Alpha 0.1 so it'd be one is equal to 1 upon 1.1 supporting the value of p 1.1.11 one by one so 1.1 its gives us 1999 the value of k please show the value of

KP 1.99 next is for new condition for new condition we have to calculate its four ATM so the PCL5 gas associate at equilibrium it was pcl3 gas + cl2 gas so it's form at pressure to let it be initially it is zero and Pitbull ft 1 kg and it is video into 1 minus Alpha Sajan Vishal here in the United States that 4A TV show me to after attitude and total pressure is equal to P 21 + Alpha is equal to 4 total

pressure at equilibrium so sweet oneplus Alpha is equal to four so we know that it from here from this question paper is equal to two Alpha square feet to Alpha whole square upon p-215ii so if you are under pressure of PCL5 is 50 to 1 minus Alpha at the value of KP is given that is one upon night sorry not given we have calculated the cap value of phone number 19 so it's come P2 Alpha square upon 1 minus Alpha 1 minus Alpha is equal to 1 upon 99 if we put the value company to 1 upon Alpha so from here sorry so value

of theta is equal to 4 upon 1 + Alpha male so we put the value of P to end this equation so we get 4 Alpha square upon 1 minus Alpha squire because 1.1 - Alpha one square minus Alpha square feet is equal to 1 upon 99 we know that there is much Alpha squire is much much less than 1 so it is negligible so from here we Alpha square is equal to 1 upon 396 right so the value of Alpha is equal to 0.05 and the percentage dissociation percentage of Alpha is equal to 5% so this is value of percentage dissociation at 48 you thank you

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