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Class 12






P-block Group 15 Elements - The Nitrogen Family


PCl_5 exists but NCl_5 does ...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Text Solution

`NCl_5` is unstableNitrogen has no vacant orbitalsNitrogen atom is much smallerNitrogen is highly inert

Answer : B

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hello mediation and welcome to the doubt message my question in PCL5 exist but ncl5 does not because of this is PCL5 exist but ncl5 does not exist because what is the way we do the structure of PCL5 to know that there is a chlorine 55 clothing that so you know that in case of Foster show show here that it PCL hydroline Phosphorus packet orbital it has been used to draw the draw the electronic configuration of phosphorus in D orbital can be talking about in serial 55

nitrogen has a known as your beta nitrogen have no bracken Deepa Deepa I Am Number 127 electron ok S orbital is not there should therefore so so therefore ncl5 does not exist maximum protection plus three statements on maximum of plus so it will make a bond with the 32 Indian Idol 9 digit sunils covalency of the oxidation state of UP A plus 5

no vacant orbital is option to the correct tense of this

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