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Class 12






D- And- F- Block Elements


Paramagnetism is the property ...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Solution : unpaired electrons

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hello the question is paramagnetic come is the property of paired electrons No paramagnetism if the property of unpaired electrons and paired electrons are like support we consider D Block Elements that consider a d subshell and in which electrons are filled singly these are known as inferred electric and these and electron result into magnetic moment on magnetic field and magnetic moment can we find out by the formula and and plus 2 under root Where n is the number of unpaired electrons more number of unpaired electrons more if the magnetic property and magnetic property is basically can be find out by it is

magnetic property is due to the reason of two things first stage electron spin electron spin and second reason is orbital Singh electrons like if electron is feeling in the clockwise or anticlockwise direction which is shown by b Phantom Limb and orbitals finish like this is nucleus and this is the orbit and we know that electron revolve in the orbits and due to this motion of the electron around the nucleus in orbit and which magnetic moment is produced is known as orbitals in ok due to this reason unpaired electrons shows magnetic behaviour and this is due to the paramagnetic behaviour is due to the presence of unpaired electron answer of this feeling

plants will be unpaid electron I hope you understand it in 12 March

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