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The P-block Elements


p pi - p pi multiple bond is s...

`p pi - p pi` multiple bond is seen in


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Mostly carbon All carbon family member Sn but not in carbon Boron family and not in carbon family

Answer : A


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hello to today's question is PPT by multiple bond is cbr4 options here are mostly carbon on Carbon family member then we have Asin but not in carbon then be able to hear that carbon has catenation tendency it has catenation tendency and what is catenation tendency for catenation tendency is the self linkage this is a self linkage property of carbon and due to this property only carbon has many electrons

due to this catenation property carbon link with turban like we have Karbonn Karbonn then this is the shelf linkage property which is present in this shelf linkage property that is catenation tendency it forms PPT by multiple port and this catenation tendency is mostly found the answer will be a that it is present in mostly carbon due to condition then I hope you understand the question 2 this question