Oxidation numbers of Mn in its compounds `MnCl_(2),Mn(OH)_(3),MnO_(2)` and `KMnO_(4)` respectively are:-

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Text Solution

`+2, +4, +7, +3``+2,+3,+4,+7``+7,+3,+2,+4``+7,+4,+3,+2`

Answer :
Solution :
`MnCl_(2) rarr x + (-2)=0 rArr x = +2` <br> `Mn(OH)_(3)rarr x + (-3) = 0 rArr x= +3` <br> `MnO_(2) rarr x + (-4) = 0 rArr x = + 4` <br> `KMnO_(4) rarr +1+x+(-8)=0 rArr x = +7`


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latest the questions that is meant to be have to find the oxidation state in the following compounds will start with M here let it be Oxidation state of MN in all the cases egg plus minus one shall have to elect 1pl have -1 chat ucl will have - 120 it will have + 22 hair MN has plus to charge

cl2 + 2 now moving to the next compound hair which has -1 oxidation number of Oxidation State will have plus minus 1 into 3 is equal to zero X + 1 + 3 Oxidation State now move towards the next compound that is mno2 mno2 now O2

plus auto have -2 charge and since there are two atoms into two equal to zero X + 4 + 4 now moving to next compound sukhe always have plus one chat irrespective of its place in its compound in any compound or alkali metal will have plus one charge 2 plus one of a plus x plus minus 2 of oxygen into 4 it will be 8 minus one that is plus of 7 are answers are

plus two of mncl2 3 + 3 mno2 + KMnO4 + 7 + 2 + 3 + 4 and + 7 the option 20 hour correct answer thank you

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