Oscillating trend of ionization energy is found in:


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8 question is oscillating trend of ionization energies formerly first we know that what is ionization energy tendency to remove an outermost electron from an isolated gaseous atom is called ionization energy from in group 12 13 14 15 option in group 13 voting trend of ionization energy as we move down the group in group 13 elements are Boron Aluminium gallium Indian and thallium group effective nuclear charge decreases due to addition of new cell in the atom of the element which leads to increased screening effect
is it become easier to remove valence electron and has ionization enthalpy decreases from deal Boron to aluminium as expected however there is a marginal difference in the ionization and enthalpy from aluminium to increase slightly for ganglion but decreases and decreases from gallium to Indian in case of K there are 10 days electron 10d electrons in its electronic configuration which she the charge less effective than s and p letter for the outer electron is held fairly strongly by the nucleus as a
result ionization energy increases slightly number of electrons and the extent of screening effect in Indian stink in India mein same as that however the atomic size increases million to Indian due to this first ionization energy decreases the last element thallium it has turned electron and 14 f electrons anus in electronic configuration which exhausting smaller shielding effect on the outer electron S is first ionization enthalpy
from here we can say that option to is the correct answer of this question group 13 has the oscillating trend of ionization energy ok solution to is the correct answer of this question

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