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One moles of anhydrous AB diss...

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution

`50.4 J mol^(-1)``8.4 J mol^(-1)``-50.4 J mol^(-1)``-8.4 J mol^(-1)`

Solution : Dissolution of anhydrous salt `AB` <br> `AB +aq +2H_(2)O rarr AB. 2H_(2)O (aq),DeltaH^(Theta) =- 21.0 J mol^(-1) ..(1)` <br> Hydration of `AB` salt <br> `AB +2H_(2)O rarr AB.2H_(2)O(s),DeltaH^(Theta) =- 29.4J mol^(-1) …(2)` <br> Substracting equation (2) from (1) we get <br> `AB.2H_(2)O(s)+aq rarr AB.2H_(2)O(aq),DeltaH^(Theta) = 8.4J mol^(-1)`


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one mole of anhydrous ab dissolve in water and liberate 21 joule per mole of heat belt I will be so here in this case the value of delta H of hydration of Ab is given as -29.4 joule per mole the heat of dissolution of hydrated salt is so we have to calculate heat of the solution of the fact that first latest define the heat of hydration it is defined as the amount of energy liberated when 1 mole of iron undergoes hydration it is considered to be a special type of dissolution energy where the solvent is what now we will write the reaction of dissolution of anhydrous salt ab so we can write that AB + of to H2O and this gives ab dot to H2O Aqua and in this case it's our detach 18

- of 21 June per Mall now never write the write the reaction of hydration of a bi salt will be AB + of to H2O and in this case it is ab dot to H2O so from where it was that was and it will be solid and in this case delta H to wear heavy metal - of 29.4 Joule per mole so we have to find heat of dissolution of hydrated salt chemical reaction can be written for this condition it will be Ab To H2O and on network let se across it gives a H2O Aqua

sunao as mentioned how we can calculate this lets Delta at a right so that I will be close to delta H 1 - of delta H to so this will be equal to report the value so this will - of 21.0 and again - of -29.4 this value will be equal to delta H and delta H will be equals to 8.4 joule per mole read this is very quiet attach to the correct option for the question is option we thank you

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