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One mole of SO3 was placed in a two litre vessel at a certain temperature. The following equilibrium was established in the vessel
The equilibrium mixture reacts with 0.2 mole KMnO4 in acidic medium. Hence, Kc is :


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hello student the question is one mole of so3 was placed in a 2 litre vessel at a certain temperature the following equilibrium was established in the vessel that is to so3 IT form to SO2 + oxygen the equilibrium mixture reacts with point to bol cheminova in acidic medium Casey is this question it is given that one mole of so3 it is Lesnar 2 litre vessel at a certain temperature is this the equilibrium reaction was established and equilibrium mixture it was then reacted with 4.2 mole of KMnO4 in acidic medium so we have to find out the PC so if you write reaction first it is to so3 it is forming to SO2 gas + Oxygen gas now at time T is equals to zero
its 1 mole is given to they will not perform initially 600 at equilibrium let the Expo will dissociate suit will be 1 -2 it's because it was too and it will form into its Mount and it is x so now it is given the equilibrium mixture is reacted point to mole came into force if this equilibrium mixture is reacted with KMnO4 it means SO2 present SO2 will get accident bike Mainpuri Naitik medium Subah it will get oxidized by KMnO4 the equivalent of the payment of 4 gram equivalent of KMnO4 will be equal to the equivalent of we can write
gram equivalent mass of SO2 equivalent are calculated as the number of moles into the n factor number of equivalent there calculated as number of mole into and factor and factor is the valency factor which is the change in the oxidation state number of occurrences number of moles into n factor Brand Factory civility now when SO2 it will get oxidised by KMnO4 sukhe min it is initially present KMnO4 + SO2 to SO2 will be oxidized it will be oxidized to S3 in KMnO4 will get reduced to admin to positive now here ml present in the
plus 7 October ration states it is going from + 72 + 2 Oxidation state to change in the oxidation status of 7 - 2 that is a plus 5 and when SO2 is oxidized so Oxidation state of sulphur is there plus 4 and an associated plastic to change in oxidation state is a plus 24 SO2 so we can write the number of frequency of KMnO4 and equations of SO2 so equal and selfie number of moles into n factor and number of moles of KMnO4 given point to set with the point to INR to change in oxidation state of valency factor is 54 km in A4 and G occurrence of SO2 will be number of moles and number of moles of SO2 are to it into its valency factor that is change in oxidation state which is equal to 2 so we can protect from there so point to in 25 it will be 1 equal to
2 X into two it will be 1 by 4 x is equals to 4.25 now we have to calculate the Casey kisses equilibrium constant KC is the equilibrium constant and is written as concentration of the product Race 2 potato symmetric official / concentration of reactant is 2.2 G Matric official now the concentration of the reactant and product is calculated as the number of moles divide by the volume now number of moles can be calculated we have because we have calculated the dissociated amount that is X and volume is given as 2 litre of the way to the products are used to locate the for this reaction we can write concentration of SO2 that is product Re stupid social metric official and concentration of oxygen
/ concentration of reactant that is so3 divide sorry Race 2 paritoshik metric option that is now concentration of SO2 between number of that is two vectors by volume and volume is 2 litre concentration of SO2 if we calculate this to 1 by 2 and X value point 256 agreed to in 2.25 by to which is equal to point 25 concentration of Oxygen will be equal to this is equal to X it will be point to 5 and concentration of so3 is number of moles are 1 - 2 1 divided by volume sorry hate you should be divided by volume also and it should be 1 - 2 X 22 in 2.25 to 2.2 5.5.5
to which is also equal 2.25 so now we can put these values in KC SO2 concentration is point 25 it would be required to file square oxygen concentrations point to 5 by 2 and concentration of so3 point 25 it is point 25 and square of this suggests that cancel my G and K C value will be equal to point to 5 by 2 and which is equal to point to 5 by 2 is equal to point 125 Sudhir City value of the case that is equilibrium constant the correct option to this question in point 125 that is the option so I hope you understood the solution thank you

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