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Class 12






Mock Test 10


One mole of anhydrous salt AB ...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Text Solution

`-5.5J mol^(-1)``5.5J mol^(-1)`35.5J mol^(-1)-35.5J mol^(-1)

Answer : B

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Alison Sare question is given one more one mole of anhydrous salt ab dissolves in water and liberates 15 joule per mole of heat formula of heat the value of delta H not hydration of Ab - 20.05 joule per mole hence the enthalpy of dissolution dissolution of hydrated salt ab ab3s to solve it ok according to the concept delta H according to the concept of delta at equal to Delta age hydration delta H hydrasun + Delta HD resolution resolution of a hair are enthalpy of enthalpy of hydration

enthalpy of hydration is given -20.05 and total enthalpy is a given - 15 July 15 June per mole energy is liberated it means a delta H equal to minus 15 hair - 15 Joule equal to heat of hydration is -20.0 500 and we have to calculate delta H resolution resolution so delta H resolution equal to equal to minus 15 plus plus 20.20.0 55.0 5 June 5.05 Jo ok Plus 5.0 5 June ok answer will be 5.05 hair answer will be 5.05

5.5 but will be answer ok 5.05 June ok thank you

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