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On the basis of enthalpy of formation, graphite is more stable than diamond, yet diamond does not change into graphite for years. Why ?


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C( graphite )C( diamond) is
very high which is not available at room temperature.
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hello student in the given question wear when asked on the basis of enthalpy of formation Kaif fight is more stable than Diamond theatre Diamond does not change into graphite for years but what is meant by enthalpy of formation that that is represented by delta H for status change in enthalpy change and 1 mole of a substance is called from its elements present
free aur naturally occurring naturally that is meant by delta H for provided on the basis of enthalpy of formation which is an allotrope of carbon graphite and timers are allotrope of Carbon diamond and graphite and diamond graphite is more stable than diamond diamond does not convert back to the reason is in
SP2 hybridised carbon his three hybridize of time to weight to height
is not possible test Energy barrier and its conservation barrier is way too high OK it is not easy for Diamond to go back into their military conjugation and this went back to conservation by st3 is not clear whether it is tetrahedral st3tus tetrahedral yast2 is conjugation is present education is is planar this version is not stable it is not eating so Diamond does not get back into
the graphite therefore the Diamond as diamond is kinetically stable sahit website is sent by Diamond does not go back to graphite in long years

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