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On being heated in air, a mixt...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Solution : `2FeO+(1)/(2)O_2toFe_2O_3` <br> `2Fe_3O_4+(1)/(2)O_2to3Fe_2O_3` <br> Let x g be the weight of FeO in 100 g and `(100-x)` g be the weight of `Fe_2O_4` Then <br> `(160x)/(144)+((100-x)480)/(464)=105` <br> `thereforex=20.53` <br> `FeO=20.53%` <br> `Fe_3O_4=79.47%`

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hello questions on being heated in air is a mixture of embryo and fe2o 4 pics of oxygen to convert completely to every two or three if the observed weight gain is 5% of initial weight what must have the composition of initial mixture so far that first of all we write the reaction that is involved in this process of this will lead to AP date and time photo and this gives every 2-3 and another and it is the FB to AP Rio for loss of half photo photo three times fe2o rate of the reaction we have so now it is weight gain of 5% is given for dad first for lipstick x g be the weight of a few so let x

be the weight of FB and if it is Axe G so in hundred gram of the have date of in hundred gram baby update of happy to of 300 - X this is it is the given picture of an ap is 24 and so it is every 24 now we were right for them separately it is equals to according to the equation 160 X / 144 its molar weight loss of 10 - X + 100 - 1 and 2 polity / 454 battery is equal to 100 pipers 5% in it for now a from here

the value of x and comfort is equals to 20.5 3 value of x now we can calculate percentage for a few percentage this will be in total total hundred 120.5 33 in hundred it is equals to divide and multiply with hundreds of this will be 20.5 3% and the remaining is a 3 or 4 pages 79.4 72 this answer question

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