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Class 12






Chemical Bonding (Basic)


O -N -O bond angle is maximum...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : B
Solution : `(a) overset(-)N=overset(+)N=O` (There is no O-N-O bond angle) <br> (b) <img src="" width="80%">

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question is then bond angle is maximum in N2 and O2 positive and negative or no3 negative to be given these four options and we need to find that in which an oven eggless Maximus night so for the first case we have n2o and the end to has a structure like this we handle born in the right that has positive charge in the cell negative charge right so over here we can see that we do not have any Uno bond angle this is an an an override we do not have any don't have any on1 raw highlights this is not an option that the Nexus Ana positive now if we suppose find hybridization what would be half of number of valence electrons in central atom that is nitrogen has five Valence Electrons + number of monovalent atom Potash know this is divalent oxygen is divalent tomorrow

computer then the charge discharge will be subtracted from here right because this is the time they should be forward to this report is true that means it is SP hybridised right so this should be what is linear now we have a structure of NO2 portal like this I have positive done with my good night and was born and lived here is 180 degree courses linear structure of NO2 15 then we have any two negative in case of NO2 negative 5 valence electrons in nitrogen then we can add the charge of the hair tips to which is equal to 3 PSP to write but it has to be a bright and these two Bond pairs are like this and we have one long hair right now this is hp22es geometry is pregnant but this is bent shake it so it to repulsion between the client and want this angle would be less than 120 degrees write it

good husband 120 if there were three point was that because we have known that it will be less than 120 then the next no3 negative now it has a structure like this we have developed an offseason this occasion and honorable head not this is proper triangle plane up and it has a bond angle of 120 degree now we ask that the UNO bond angle is maximum in which case night advance 20% less than 120 this is 180 right over there so among these three options we have the maximum bond angle in second is that is NO2 positive linear and has a bond angle of 180 degrees to another popular with the one that has maximum when no bond angle

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