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The correct Answer is
A, B, C, D
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discussion YouTube mein this was given column S with the reactants unique column first the first one is correct and that is zinc + dilute H2 S o4 is dilute sulphuric acid so when zinc first produced sulphuric acid reacts with p letter s e b and o 2 whole twice very late night ride short forms let precipitate plus ringtone + 2 - reaction with
NH 44 to ise this is Ammonium sulphide so Hayat forms H2S gas hydrogen sulphide + nh4oh + Cation and its reaction with magnet and that is enough for minus that forms a man to plus Z2 plus reaction with HD to Tu Karachi mercurius iron shirt forms HD that is grey Mercury precipitate Plus
Z2 plus the last salt is Bihari Bismuth ke time sweet friend to form a separate is black in colour plus Z2 plus this is black Nickel or normal reaction of these salts with this second reactant S is a dilute HCl is hydrochloric acid sequestered hydrochloric acid reaction with
two LED night bright homes pbcl2 is white in colour + HNO3 + and gas sex with whole twice Assam news sulphide it gives H2S gas + NH4 + + CL minus and then with for magnet Iron Man 4 - 8 forms and 2 + acquisition +
cl2 gas and with its forms HD 2 serial to precipitate which is white in colour and the last one is this month at homes bicl3 for the dissociates into B three plus three PL Negative Ion that was there can be no reaction now the third act and there was any version that is Sodium Hydroxide
XX in excess action first with late night ride it forms TV Genesis old twice negative Plus and minus and with ammonium sulphide gives
Shri gas to any + refers to minus and with pomegranate Ina Mina for minors KMnO4 to my this is green in colour photo gas se Soch Indians and with Mercury and gives Plus HD watches black colour and with this month and gives b i was thrice as a business Hydroxide
precipitate which is white in colour Nagar last reactant varies ki potassium iodide reaction Sodhi is Potassium iodide Subah let nitrite forms pbi2 precipitate along with NO2 minus and with ammonium sulphide does not react right no reaction here
and with a magnet iron mno4 -8 gives MN 2 + + hai to guess the celebrity gas and with molecular science videos HD 22 Spiti which is green in colour so jao on warming it gives + Y2 precipitate known as card at the last one salt is 3 + 3 + 2 home
bi3 precipitate which is black in colour and added in excess that forms VIP 4 - this is the orange solution Sudheer all the reaction of salts with the given letters in column first thank you

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