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Match the following columnsMatch the following columns


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The correct Answer is
A, B, C, D
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today we have two years we have 428 name every every feso4 bc2 to hear what will get every product we have to find out and we have to match it with this following observation let's complete the reaction so here we have first hg3 so if heat hdc3 will get if he did this HD also get every Plus now in this Aisi so4
plus we will get so3 here now and for the heat in this so3 we will get episode 22 in third we have bet24 if we will get B plus we will get we have easy and if this AG and O3 get a Jeetu Plus and now if he did this ag2o per to get AG + Urdu
reaction I have named reactions on now we can match the observation according to the these are the observation given to earth namely acidic and even magic Residue is obtained as a final product medal ke time reaction metallic oxide can be obtained and neutral get here let's see here in this reaction we have added to which is decomposed into a g and finally we have met your and then we'll have N2 gas and O2 gas so we can mark them according to their acidic basic deliver
in this we have to solve this question I hope you understand the question

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