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Class 12






P-block Group 15 Elements - The Nitrogen Family


NH_3 has got pyramidal structu...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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PyramidalT-shapedTrigonal planarTetrahedral

Answer : C
Solution : <img src="" width="80%">.

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hello ammonia is called pyramid structure by replacement of hydrogen atom is formed ch33 and and 33 and molecules which are found to have different geometric to the question is shape of sh-33 and with respect to end is perception is parameter second option is t-shaped third option is Tribunal plane and forth option is state or Federal have given the compound 33 this is known as trying still I am so what happens is in this compound back bonding is involved

when did you place hydrogen atom in Ammonia by group the shape of the trisilylamine it changes due to back bonding and buy back bonding happen because Silicon atoms has filled orbitals and also nitrogen has known per for nitrogen give its lone pair to vacancy orbitals of silicon atom that is buyback Apple and hence shape changes initially we can draw its tape like parameter just like ammonia now there is a

lone pair present over nitrogen and silicon atom has vacant D orbital Sudheer a will form a backbone with the 3D orbital with the bacon 3D orbital of silicon atoms shape will be Tribunal planar we can draw shape like this so this double bond is in resonance so we can draw this just like and drawing the double bond you can say is electron pair is moving

that so it is Tribunal plaint Karen option is option third

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