Name the type of chemical reaction that occurs between a solution of sodium chloride and a solution of silver nitrate.

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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hello Jivan question is name the type of chemical reaction that occurs between a solution of sodium chloride and a solution of silver nitrate salts question asking us which type of a chemical reaction between Sodium Chloride and sodium and silver nitrate to the reaction that takes place is something like this AG and O3 that is silver nitrate which is in a state react with HCl that is sodium chloride which is also in AP state to give agcl which is in solid state + nano3 nano3 which is in Aqua state ok so this is the reaction that takes place now in this reaction the product that is formed here that is silver chloride forms a precipitate from the precipitate that's why it is in solid state ok now if you see here in this reaction what is happening

is easy and addition there are replacing their I am ok so easy is going to take the sale and the aim of the iron Chloride and that is present in sodium chloride and any is taken to take the nitrate and which is present in the Silver Nitrate so here at the displacement there are two types of displacement happening using any from the initial compound ok and simultaneously any is displeasing easy from the compound of silver nitrate ok there for me I am found something like this so there it is going to combine the Chloride and to form a silver chloride with his body was going to combined cycle time to home sylvan Sorry sodium nitrate ok so this is what is happening ok so this type of reaction in which there is an exchange of iron is

a double display reaction so it is known as double displacement reaction also she can see that here precipitation is happening ok we have they are observing precipitate of silver chloride ok so that me that this is also a precipitation reaction precipitation it is also an example of precipitation reaction so that is the answer for the cushion thank you

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